Fic: "Welcome me home"

Title: Welcome me home (Scott/Logan)
Rating: R
Summary: Following the events of Days of Future Past.
Disclaimer: All mine and I make tons of money writing this stuff, woo hoo! (Okay, not mine and I'm broke. -_- )
Warnings: Major spoilers for Days of Future Past. Some gore. Unbetaed.
Notes: Thanks for the plot bunny garfieldyard

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Fic: "Australia" - The Notebook/Australia crossover.

Title: “Australia

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Lon Hammond Jr./ The Drover

Summary: A brokenhearted American soldier is reluctantly sent Down Under; he feels as though his life is over—but he has no idea how right he might be, what with the very same Japanese forces that had attacked Pearl Harbor only months prior now preparing to unleash its bombs on Darwin, Australia…

Disclaimer: Not mine. Australia belongs to Fox and The Notebook belongs to New Line Cinema. Needless to say—this entire fic happens in an Alternate Universe.

Notes: Some background on the dates: The Notebook begins on June 6th, 1940. The attack on Darwin took place on February 19th, 1942. If you need a reminder, all of Jimmy’s Notebook scenes can be viewed here. The Australia teaser trailer can be viewed here. Also, the name of Hugh Jackman’s character is an international secret, apparently (he’s only referred to as “The Drover”), so I took the liberty of naming him. Last but not least - paper_legends girl I love you SO MUCH for coming up with this pairing and finding the time to work your beta magic on this fic!!!♥ ~

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